Damon Gant is a character in jakkid166's fanfictions. He is the former Chief of Police and serves as an enemy to Phoenix Wright.

History Edit

Damon made his first appearance in the Jakkidverse with steven universe: human of bad. He first appears after the Crystal Gems call the police in order to attempt to catch Phoenix Wright before he can obtain the Gem of Ultimate Power. Gant, who wants the gem for himself, lies to the Gems and says that Phoenix framed him for murder. He proceeds to assist the Crystal Gems in attempting to find Wright.

Later on, Detective Jakkid166 meets up with Gant as a spy for Phoenix in order to get information about the traps he set up to catch him. Gant, seemingly completely oblivious, tells him everything. However, later on, Gant captures both Phoenix and Jakkid, revealing that he knew all along that they were working together. However, Jakkid proves that Damon Gant stole the Gem of Ultimate Power and shoved it into his belly button, leading him to grow extremely large in size and start destroying the city. Gant manages to defeat both Alexandrite and a fusion of every single Gem in existence and also defeat Jakkid in a rap battle before Jakkid uses the Laser Light Cannon to fire Greg Universe's van at Gant and knock the gem out of his belly button. Gant shrinks back to normal as a result. Phoenix tells Gant to go to jail for what he did, and Gant complies. After some time in prison, however, Gant realizes he doesn't have to do what Phoenix says and escapes.

Damon Gant later reappeared in Detective Jakkid166 go equestria now, somehow still acting as the chief of police. He later travels to Equestria and is revealed to have been working for the Detective Jakkid166 Clone, who snipes and kills him before he can reveal his employer's identity.

Appearances Edit