Detective Jakkid166 is a supporting character in the Jakkidverse. He is jakkid166's self-insert who was introduced in phoenix wright dank attorney. He is known for being the "best detectiv in the world" and is the main character of the Detective Jakkid166 In Equestria series of stories.

History Edit

Detective Jakkid166 first appeared in Phoenix Wright Dank Attorney, where he conspired with Manfred von Karma to convict Phoenix Wright for von Karma's murder. This plan involved the detective ripping his clothes off in court, confessing to killing Pearl Fey, and immediately invalidating this confession by revealing that Pearl wasn't actually dead. However, this plan was foiled when Phoenix accidentally shot The Guy in the middle of the trial and blamed von Karma for it, leading to von Karma's arrest.

Detective Jakkid166 did not appear again until steven universe human of bad, where he became a tertiary protagonist after learning how good of a person Phoenix is. He helps Phoenix escap from prison and assists him in his attempts to keep Damon Gant from getting the Gem of Ultimate Power.

He later got the chance to star in his own story, with Detective Jakkid166 go equestria now. This story features him getting transported to Equestria to solve the murder of some pony that never actually gets named.

Description Edit

Detective Jakkid166, on the surface level, gives off all the impressions of a "Mary Sue". Everyone knows who he is, and knows him to be the "greatest detectiv in the world". He'll commonly show up out of nowhere to lend the main characters a hand, and everyone ultimately likes him to some degree.

Despite this, in practice, Detective Jakkid166 rarely ever manages to do anything useful to advance the story, only once or twice doing anything valuable to solve a conflict and often times just making things worse. He never seems to be able to back up his credentials as the "best detectiv in the world" either, never really being shown to solve any cases for the main characters, and most of the deductions he does make are already incredibly obvious. In fact, he usually seems to be there just for the sake of being there, ultimately never really contributing much.

Personality-wise, Jakkid is mainly concerned with fighting for what's good, even if it involves breaking the law, as seen in Jakkid166 vs Barrylawn vs Icantyping where he helps Phoenix Wright escape from the authorities. He remains loyal to whoever he considers his friends, even in the worst of times. He is also shown to be somewhat impulsive, and and tends to resort to using his gun too much, as seen in Jakkid166 vs Barrylawn vs Icantyping and Phoenix Wright Turnabout Portal 2.

He initially appeared in a more antagonistic role, attempting to get Phoenix convicted for the murder of his then thought-to-be cousin, Manfred von Karma, but later becomes Phoenix's friend and assists him in his adventures.

Trivia Edit

  • Whenever Detective Jakkid166 makes an appearance, the story's point of view immediately shifts to his in the first person, with jakkid referring to his character as himself.
  • He has personally met all the characters from the show "Steven Universe" and is good friends with them.
  • jakkid166 claims in chapter 5 of "steven universe human of bad" that it is a true story, indicating that he really is Detective Jakkid166 in real life.
  • Detective Jakkid's age has been disputed. On one hand, jakkid himself once said in an interview that Detective Jakkid's age is "somewhere around 20", but on another hand, in Detective Jakkid166 go equestria now, he tries to solve a code, and at one point says "13, minus my age, thats 10", which would mean he is somehow 3 years old.

Appearances Edit