Diksuka McBrest is a nurse who is a minor character in jakkid166's fanfictions.

History Edit

McBrest first appeared in Phoenix Wright Ace Stripper. She is a witness who testifies against Dick Gumshoe.

McBrest also makes a brief appearance in phoenix wright escaps from hell. After Phoenix rescues everyone from hell, The Judge declares him the winner of Strip Court and as a result Phoenix gets to suck on McBrest's breasts.

She appears again in chapter 11 of jakkid166 vs barrylawn vs icantyping, where Detective Jakkid166, Phoenix Wright, and Barrylawn walk in on her having sex with Miles Edgeworth. After Edgeworth yells at them and puts his clothes back on, she offers to have sex with Detective Jakkid166, which he attempts to oblige but is dragged out of the room by Phoenix before he can.

Appearances Edit