icantyping is a fanfiction author on Similarly to Barrylawn, he has a writing style heavily inspired by Jakkid166.

History Edit

He appeared on the site approximately 7 months after jakkid166, and like Barrylawn, has a writing style heavily inspired by him. His stories largely began getting traction when they were posted in the Sporking Thread on the Court Records forums. While he doesn't have as many stories as Barrylawn, his stories are still very high quality and are well recieved, especially "ace attorney: THE EDGEWORTH CONSPIRACY".

Sometime near the end of 2018, however, icantyping suddenly disappeared from, his profile and stories completely wiped from the site. No one knows what happened to him, other than that his stories are now seemingly lost, aside from the ones posted in the Court-Records Sporking Thread.

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