The Jakkid/Ballistic Dolphin collaboration was, true to the article's name, meant to be a writing collaboration between jakkid166 and Ballistic Dolphin, the author of DAMON GANT ESCAPS FROM PRISOOOOOOON.

History[edit | edit source]

The initial plan was for jakkid and Ballistic Dolphin to take turns writing chapters for each other's fanfictions, jakkid writing chapters for DAMON GANT ESCAPS FROM PRISOOOOOOON, while Ballistic Dolphin would write chapters for Phoenix Wright Turnabout Portal 2. It started off well enough, with Ballistic adding jakkid's new chapter to his story. Ballistic, however, suddenly stopped responding to jakkid's messages shortly after, and the collaboration never went any further. Phoenix Wright Turnabout Portal 2 remains unfinished to this day.

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