Jakkid166 vs Barrylawn vs Icantyping is a collaboration fanfic between Jakkid166, Barrylawn, and Icantyping.

Synopsis Edit

After Maya Fey is falsely accused of murder, Phoenix Wright sets off on an adventure to defeat the two corrupt detectives who framed her. Along the way, he comes across friends old and new, while unraveling the mystery behind the three fanfiction scholars.

Structure Edit

The three alternated writing chapters, the first being written by Barrylawn, and the next being written by Jakkid and Icantyping, respectively. This repeated until the final chapter, which was contributed to by all three authors, along with Acejakkidfan.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time jakkid166 has attempted to collaborate with others on a fanfiction, and the first attempt to actually be successful.
  • This story establishes the three titular users to exist in-universe as world-famous scholars who write fanfiction. Acejakkidfan is also canonized as a follower of the trio of scholars.
  • It is unknown if this story is canon or not, as it contradicts a good many things within the Jakkidverse and so far hasn't been referred to in later stories.
  • This is by far the longest story on Jakkid166's account, though out of all 26 chapters, only nine were written by him.