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"“Lyra allow me to quote a famous person who exists,” I said. “You miss 100% of shots you don’t take unless you take them on accident and succeed at life anyway.”"
―Detective jakkid166, Detective Jakkid166 in everything
Who is Jakkid166?
Jakkid166 is a fanfiction author who appeared on in August 2015 with the story "Phoenix Wright SPEED Attorney". Ever since this first story, Jakkid has been writing fanfictions that are known for being "so bad, they're good".

Jakkid's stories range from nonsensical to almost legitimately decent, and as a result he has gained a bit of a following over time. Various people have been inspired to write in a similar style as him, such as Barrylawn, icantyping, and acejakkidfan.

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