The Jakkidverse is the colloquial name for the universe most of jakkid166's fanfictions take place in. It is primarily set in Los Angeles, also known as "Japanifornia", the setting for the Ace Attorney games. However, there are many differences between the Jakkidverse and the canon Ace Attorney universe, listed below.

Death Edit

Death is far less consequential in the Jakkidverse than in reality. When someone dies in the Jakkidverse, they simply become a ghost, who still resides on Earth, can interact with other people at will, and can even retain the job they had while alive. If the ghost chooses, they can simply kill themselves again while dead, which will revert themselves back to the living. This means that all characters in the Jakkidverse are effectively immortal. However, it is possible for Satan to trap a deceased person in hell, preventing them from returning to the world of the living. Regardless of this, the characters treat death as severely as in real life, still using tactics such as the death penalty to punish murderers.

Extradimensional Travel Edit

As characters in the Jakkidverse are not affected by the bounds of logic, it is entirely possible for them to travel to completely different worlds. This is evidenced by Phoenix Wright and Dick Gumshoe using various conveniently-placed portals to travel between places such as Mario World, Sonic World, and Bible World.

Out of Character-ness Edit

The characters in the Jakkidverse are always, universally, without question, always out of character. Notable traits shared amongst all characters are excessive Swearing, an extreme lack in basic logic and reason, and a lack of intelligence. This is evidenced by events such as Phoenix Wright and Manfred von Karma not realizing in Phoenix Wright Dank Attorney that Pearl Fey was not in fact dead, despite her being present at the witness stand and talking with them. Another example is Phoenix Wright and Papayas both believing that 2 + 2 is 3 in Phoenix Wright In Undertale.