Jesus Christ is a supporting character in Jakkid166's fanfictions, and is a friend and ally to Phoenix Wright, a devout Christian.

History Edit

Jesus first appears in Phoenix Wright Ace Christian, where he transports Phoenix to Bible Times and requests his help to defend him in court, as he has been accused of the murder of someone whose name is never revealed. Judas testifies against him, and in the process, Phoenix attempts to prove him wrong with evidence that Satan, the prosecutor in the trial, earlier compelled him to forge. However, Satan quickly ousts Phoenix and as a result he is instantly disbarred by the Judge. Jesus, however, in a stunning act of mercy, forgives Phoenix for forging the evidence and compels the Judge to do the same. Judas then reveals that Satan forced him to lie in his testimony and that it was actually Satan himself who committed the murder. Jesus thanks Phoenix for defending him and sends Phoenix back home, where he aspires to make Edgeworth a Christian.

Jesus doesn't appear again until Phoenix Wright Turnabout Portal, where he is revealed to have had his Jesus power drained by the BESK team. He passes out in the sand after imploring Phoenix to stop them from taking over the world. He later appears in the final battle against the BESK team, where he chastities Satan for being evil. Satan retorts by saying Jesus's father is a jerk.

Jesus makes a short appearance in Phoenix Wright Ace Stripper, where he helps Phoenix escape from jail after the Judge sentences Phoenix to death.

Appearances Edit