Maya Fey is a supporting character in jakkid166's fanfictions. She is a spirit medium and assistant to Phoenix Wright.

Background Edit

While she was mentioned several times in jakkid166's early fanfictions, she didn't make an actual appearance until Phoenix Wright Turnabout Egg. She serves as one of the witnesses of Miles Edgeworth's murder.

In Phoenix Wright Turnabout Pearl, she plays a larger role, defending Phoenix in court after he is falsely arrested for kidnapping Pearl Fey.

Later on, in Phoenix Wright CAKE Attorney, she visits Wright at the hospital after he is blown up by Manfred von Karma's bomb cake. She later appears at Phoenix's award ceremony for saving the world.

She again plays a more central role in Phoenix Wright Dank Attorney, where both her and Phoenix are arrested for smoking weed. She assists Wright in defending themselves until The Judge legalizes weed and clears them of all charges.

She did not appear again until Phoenix Wright On the Run, where Phoenix finds her fingerprints on a bottle of poison that killed Pearl. This leads Phoenix to believe Maya murdered her, but when Phoenix interrogated her about it, the real killer showed up and "shit her in the face". She later becomes one of Phoenix's victims after he goes on a murdering spree as a ghost. She is later resurrected after Phoenix destroys the Hell Generator.

Trivia Edit

  • She just might be the closest thing to being in-character in the jakkidverse. While, like everyone else, her dialogue is riddled with excessive swearing, she still shows the same care for Phoenix and Pearl as she does in the official series.