Pearl Fey is a supporting character in jakkid166's fanfictions. She is a spirit medium and cousin to Maya Fey.

Background Edit

Pearl made her first appearance in the well-named Phoenix Wright Turnabout Pearl. She is kidnapped by Manfred von Karma for unknown reasons, but Phoenix Wright is arrested and convicted for the crime after Pearl falsely claims that Phoenix was the one who kidnapped her. Pearl later justifies this by saying that the guy somehow looked like Phoenix.

In Phoenix Wright CAKE Attorney, Manfred von Karma sends Phoenix a bomb disguised as a cake, intended to seem like Pearl has sent Phoenix a cake to apologize for sending him to prison in the previous story. After Phoenix is blown up by the cake and Pearl is arrested, Phoenix visits her in the detention center and vows to defend her. She does not appear again, but she is presumed to have been released from prison after Phoenix saved the world from the BESK team in Phoenix Wright Turnabout Portal.

She is the supposed victim of the case in Phoenix Wright Dank Attorney. Manfred von Karma claims that, after Phoenix and Maya were arrested for smoking weed, Pearl tried to smoke it herself but overdosed and died. Phoenix notes that it's impossible to overdose on weed, but von Karma adds that the weed had heroin in it. Ultimately, Phoenix claims that Pearl isn't strong enough to use a lighter, so they get Pearl on the stand to test it. It takes everyone a while, but they manage to realize that due to the fact that Pearl was on the stand, she couldn't be dead.

She is again a victim in Phoenix Wright On the Run, the difference being this time she has actually been killed. Phoenix, however, is convicted of her murder, and as a result he brings her back as a ghost in order to have her testify in court that Phoenix isn't guilty. However, Manfred von Karma threatens to take Pearl to hell if she testifies. Later on, Phoenix finds out that the true killer was The Judge, who intended to frame Phoenix and ruin his career.

She appears again in Phoenix Wright Escaps From Hell, where she meets up with Phoenix as a ghost again in hell in order to help him turn off the Hell Generator and resurrect everyone Phoenix killed in Phoenix Wright On the Run. After Phoenix turns it off, Satan stabs Pearl in the chest and as a result Pearl comes back to life. Mia Fey then appears and teleports the two of them out of hell.

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