Person Battle Wright 20 With Sausage is a fanfiction supposedly written by one of jakkid166's friends, which was on jakkid166's account for a while before being deleted. As a result, the fanfiction is no longer available to read on his account. However, a backup of it is available here.

About the fanfiction Edit

The fanfiction deviated greatly from the writing style of the other fanfictions on jakkid's account, using mostly competent grammar and spelling, but having an even more nonsensical plot and general insanity. The basic plot involved Phoenix Wright traveling to Miles Edgeworth's sky fortress to have him inject peanut butter directly into his calves. However, this delves into a fight between the two, written to make absolutely no sense. The fanfiction commonly used non-sequiturs and general "randomness" to generate humor. It was only one chapter long, and nothing more of it was ever written.

Notable quotes Edit

“Edgeworth, I require my daily peanut syringe!”

"Wright tore his calves off and hurled them at Edgeworth, but he sued his trusty Banana Bat and hit them back forcing Wright to pour himself a bowl of cereal."