phoenix wright ace christian is the third fic in the main series.

Plot Edit

The story starts out with Phoenix Wright at his home reading his bible. While professing himself to be a good christian who loves reading his bible, the bible suddenly starts glowing and sucks him to Bible Times.

Phoenix goes to the investigation place, when a voice in his head tells him to forge evidence. While initially hesitant, he eventually complies and forges a photograph of Satan stealing a glove from the crime scene.

At the trial, Satan appears to prosecute Jesus and gets Judas to testify against him. Judas states that there were two gloves at the scene, when in reality there is only one. To explain this contradiction, Phoenix presents the photo he forged. However, Satan calls him out and reveals Phoenix's evidence forging tools, as he was the one who told him to forge it.

Phoenix was about to get disbarred, but Jesus forgave him for his sins, and made Judge forgive him as well. Judas then confessed that Satan made him lie in his testimony, and that it was really Satan who killed him. Satan was then sent back to Hell, and Jesus was cleared of his charges.

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  • This is the only jakkid166 fanfiction to not have any Swearing. As a result, it is also the only jakkid166 fanfiction to have a K rating rather than the usual T.

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Bad Fanfic Readings- phoenix wright ace christian

Bad Fanfic Readings- phoenix wright ace christian

The story was made into a video by Dr. Ocsid: