Phoenix Wright Escaps From Hell is a fanfiction based on jakkid166's fanfiction, Phoenix Wright On the Run. It is written by AceJakkidFan. Originally a separate story on AceJakkidFan's account, jakkid later accepted the story as canon and added it as a sixth chapter to On the Run.

Plot Edit

The story starts out with Phoenix imprisoned in hell, after being dragged there in Phoenix Wright On the Run. After being briefly taunted by Satan, Phoenix attempts to escape his cell using his ghost powers, but Edgeworth shows up and tries to kill him back into a human. Phoenix, however, trips and falls into a raging fire and as a result, dies as a ghost and becomes human again. Edgeworth tries to re-imprison him, but Phoenix escapes Satan's castle and into the land of hell.

Phoenix encounters the ghost of Doctor Eggman, who mistakes him for Sonic and attacks him. The ghost of Pearl Fey then appears, and forgives Phoenix for going on a murder spree. Phoenix sneaks into Eggman's factory and finds the generator that keeps the dead people's souls in hell. Satan and Manfred von Karma then show up, and Satan threatens to kill Pearl if Phoenix touches the generator. Phoenix turns it off anyway, and Maya, The Judge, jakkid166, Donald Trump, and Edgeworth all come back to life. Edgeworth, however, who was using his ghost powers to fly over a pit of fire, falls in the pit of fire and dies again. Satan stabs Pearl ghost in the chest, causing her to die back into a human again. Satan and von Karma attempt to trap Phoenix and Pearl with a barrier around hell, but von Karma and Satan get into a fight over Satan's distaste for burgers.

After briefly acting crazy, Phoenix realizes that Pearl has started channeling Mia Fey. Mia uses her ghost powers to teleport Pearl and Phoenix out of hell. Mia leaves, and The Judge enters, stating he has unfinished business with Wright.

This unfinished business is revealed to be Strip Court, which the Judge declares Wright to be the winner of. Wright celebrates, and finally gets to suck some tit.

Characters Edit

  • Phoenix Wright
  • Miles Edgeworth
  • Satan
  • Manfred von Karma
  • Pearl Fey
  • Maya Fey
  • Mia Fey
  • The Judge
  • Doctor Eggman