Phoenix Wright In Undertale is a fanfiction by Jakkid166. Unlike most of his other fanfictions, this one does not have an explicitly stated place in his continuity. True to the name, it is based on the video game "Undertale". After the second chapter was written, the story was abandoned for approximately 15 months until a third chapter was added on February 6th, 2017.

Plot Edit

The plot of the story follows the exact story of the game, but with Phoenix Wright as the protagonist.

The story begins with Phoenix finishing up lunch with Maya Fey. Considering himself full, he decides to go for a walk. Shortly after, he comes across a mountain called "Mt. Ebott", which he decides to start hiking up. After finding a cave, however, he goes inside only to fall down a hole, leading to the underground.

In the Underground, Phoenix comes across Flowey the Flower, who immediately attempts to murder Phoenix. Phoenix, however, is rescued by Toriel, also referred to as Toenail. Toriel, in turn, attempts to keep Phoenix from leaving, but relents after Phoenix proves his fighting prowess by refusing to fight her.

Phoenix leaves Toriel's house and comes across a skeleton named Sans. Sans requests that Phoenix lets his brother, Papayas, catch him, as he wants to catch a human. After a brief encounter with Papayas, Phoenix continues on with Sans.

In the third chapter, Phoenix and Sans note that they have been standing in the same place for about 15 months as a result of the huge gap between the two chapters, and as a result all the characters except for them have died of old age. Sans kills Wright, who respawns and quickly rushes through the initial parts of the underground to get back to where Sans and Papayas are. Papayas proposes some truly mind-numbingly difficult puzzles (such as "What is 2+2"), and ultimately stumps Phoenix when he isn't able to solve a Rubik's Cube. Papayas captures Phoenix, who promptly escapes and enters into a fight with Papayas. Phoenix inadvertently hits the "Flirt" button, however, causing him to start dancing seductively. Papayas, confused and possibly a bit disgusted, leaves.

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Trivia Edit

  • Probably the worst-recieved Jakkid fanfiction, mainly because it is simply the plot of Undertale with very few changes. However, the third chapter had a massive jump in quality, making more changes to Undertale's plot and having more jokes whereas it still followed the same basic structure.
  • The character "Papayas" is actually a consistent misspelling of the character "Papyrus" from the game. Somehow, Jakkid seems to either think that it his actual name, or he's simply spelling it that way as a joke.