phoenix wright turnabout egg is the fourth main series fic by jakkid166

Plot Edit

Phoenix Wright won an award for his lawyer defending, and celebrates by throwing a party with his friends. In the middle of the party, Phoenix put his hair in some candles, which burned all his hair off. Edgeworth got everyone to laugh at him, so Phoenix decided to burn his hair off too, as revenge. However, the plan went too far when Edgeworth's whole body caught on fire and he burned to death.

The next day, Gumshoe and Phoenix investigated the murder. Gumshoe somehow concluded that he himself must have been the murderer and asked Phoenix to defend him in court.

Phoenix went to court and found out Gumshoe was also prosecuting himself. Gumshoe called Maya to the stand, but there were contradictions in her testimony, such as Maya's claim that Edgeworth died twice, when in reality he only died once.

Gumshoe then called Larry to the stand, and he said he found a cloth with Phoenix's fingerprints. Phoenix tried to accuse another person by presenting the murder weapon, claiming that their fingerprints were on the knife. However, the fingerprint also matched Phoenix, as he was the murderer.

Phoenix was declared Guilty, but got to go home anyway. Phoenix came home only to see the ghost of Edgeworth appear and vow to haunt him with egg jokes for all eternity.

Characters Edit