Phoenix wright turnabout pearl is the fifth main series fic by jakkid166.

Plot Edit

Phoenix Wright was at home reading, when Maya phoned him and asked him to babysit Pearl. She brought her to the office and left. While she was there, the lights went out and she vanished.

Phoenix called 911 and Gumshoe came to the office to investigate. He arrested Phoenix for kidnapping Pearl. Maya visited him at the detention center, and Phoenix gave her his badge, asking her to defend him in court.

Maya went to court, and found out the ghost of Miles Edgeworth was prosecuting him. He called Gumshoe to testify, but Maya quickly destroyed his case by revealing that Phoenix doesn't have a car. However, Pearl then burst into the courtroom and told everyone Phoenix was the culprit.

After the trial, Phoenix got dragged to prison. While he was there, a guy snook into his cell and attacked him, but Phoenix hit him with a book. He pulled off his mask and saw it was Manfred von Karma.

Phoenix recorded Karma confess to the kidnapping and calls the guards over to his cell. The next day, there was another trial and von Karma was declared guilty.

Phoenix was free to go home, where he found his cat dead.

Characters Edit