phoenix wright turnabout portal is the seventh main series fic by jakkid166.

Plot Edit

This fic is set directly after events of phoenix wright CAKE attorney. Phoenix Wright and Dick Gumshoe chased Manfred von Karma through a portal.

The portal took them to My Little Pony World, where they walk around before getting arrested. They escaped by using the cake bomb to blow a hole in the wall. They ran through and fell through the sky, but they landed in a portal in the ground.

The portal takes them to Sonic World where they see von Karma teamed up with Eggman. Phoenix noticed their plans on the ground and he teamed up with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow to take down von Karma.

Knuckles created portal to Mario World where they waited for von Karma and Eggman to show up. Mario came and told them they already arrived two hours before them.

Mario and Luigi joined them and they went to Bowser's Castle. Knuckles tried to open the gate, but died trying to, so Sonic opened it instead. They get caught and thrown in the dungeon. However, Mario had bob-omb which he used to blow up the cell. They ran back to the throne room and chased Bowser, von Karma and Eggman through a portal to Bible World.

In Bible World they found Jesus almost dead, but he manages to tell Phoenix that von Karma teamed up with Satan and that he must stop them, before he passed out.

They went to Bethlehem to find Bowser, Eggman, Satan and Karma, AKA BESK Team. Phoenix went to a fruit shop, but the shopkeeper kidnapped him. The shopkeeper pulled off his moustache and revealed himself to be von Karma.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard from outside the fruitshop. Gumshoe went into the fruit shop and they find von Karma in disguise. The disguise didn't fool Gumshoe, though, and he exposes von Karma. von Karma escaped with BESK team, but before leaving von Karma told Gumshoe that he killed Phoenix.

Gumshoe chased them but they escaped through a portal. The portal disappeared, so Gumshoe prayed to God to go to real world. They are sent to the real world, but see they are in Japan. They look around and find Capcom HQ and ask Shu Takumi to take them to Ace Attorney World.

However Takumi also gets taken to Ace Attorney World. Mario calls Professor E Gadd to help them look for BESK team. He makes them a rocket launcher and a radar that will help them find them. They look at the radar and see they are in the same house, which then explodes and a giant robot appears. Gumshoe runs to the beach, away from all the civilians, where he, Sonic, Mario, and a group of other people like Waluigi and Jesus fight BESK team's robot. The fight goes on for hours before von Karma betrays BESK team. Von Karma removes his wig to reveal he was actually Phoenix Wright, who had killed von Karma in Bible World.

Satan points his gun at Phoenix and tries to make him kill his friends, but Phoenix hits eject and parachutes to ground. Gumshoe then uses E Gadd's rocket launcher to destroy the robot.

The rocket blows up the robot, killing Bowser and Eggman, and sending Satan back to Hell. Phoenix receives an award for his efforts after the fight.

Characters Edit