Phoenix Wright Turnabout Portal 2 is a fanfiction written by Jakkid166. A direct sequel to Phoenix Wright Turnabout Portal, it was intended to be part of a collaboration between him and Ballistic dolphin, but the fanfiction remained inactive for roughly a year due to Ballistic dolphin ceasing to respond to any of jakkid's messages.

Plot Edit

The story starts off with Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth playing a video game at Phoenix's house. Phoenix, having ordered Panda Express, gets a phone call, who Phoenix assumes is the Panda Express delivery man. However, it turns out to be someone telling Phoenix that it is time to pay for his sins. Annoyed, Phoenix throws the phone out the window. Soon after, the doorbell rings, and this time, it really is the Panda Express delivery man. Phoenix brings his food in, but after opening it, he finds not food, but a portal that sucks him and Miles in.

The portal spits them out into Gravity Falls, the setting of the TV show "Gravity Falls". After looking around for a bit, they come across the Mystery Shack, where they meet Grunkle Stan. Grunkle Stan momentarily mentions the bottomless pit, which Phoenix instantly concludes must have a portal inside it. Thus, Phoenix and Miles jump into it.

After an entire year, Phoenix and Miles finally fall out of a portal and land in the house of Detective Jakkid166. Jakkid tells them of how he and Ballistic Dolphin were meant to collaborate on the story, but Ballistic disappeared from the internet shortly after. The three of them resolve to find wherever Ballistic went. While getting on the plane, Miles is barred from entry due to him being a ghost. Miles instead hides in Jakkid's can of soda as they board the plane. While on the plane, Phoenix takes a sip of the soda and accidentally drinks Edgeworth.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first jakkid story to be a direct numbered sequel to another story.