The Judge is a supporting character and one-time antagonist in Jakkid166's fanfictions.

History Edit

For most of Jakkid's fanfictions, The Judge was simply a character who presided over the trials that took place in the stories. It wasn't until Phoenix Wright On the Run that he gained a more prevalent role.

In Phoenix Wright On the Run, the story continues directly after The Judge sentences Phoenix Wright to death in chapter three of Phoenix Wright Ace Stripper. In chapter four, it is revealed that The Judge is the one who killed Pearl Fey and framed Phoenix for it. The Judge attempts to shoot Phoenix, but he smacks the bullet out of the air and spin-kicks the Judge in the face, knocking him out. Wright searches his clothes and find evidence that proves his innocence.

Later, while Wright is presenting his evidence to the Canadian Judge to show his innocence, The Judge suddenly bursts in and gets the police to shoot Phoenix to death. The Judge is promptly arrested, and Phoenix, as a ghost, decides to go on a murder spree.

In chapter four, The Judge is one of Phoenix's victims on his murder spree. Wright shows up to his house and kills him. However, The Judge is brought back to life after Wright restores the souls of everyone he killed.

Appearances Edit