Weenis von Beenis is a character featured in Phoenix Wright Ace Stripper.

History Edit

Weenis's only appearance is in Phoenix Wright Ace Stripper, where he is a witness testifying against Dick Gumshoe. After Phoenix points out various contradictions in the testimony, Weenis proceeds to start pulling various masks off his face, revealing he has several disguises for various characters including Manfred von Karma and The Judge. However, the Judge pronounces him guilty for "bein a fuck" and he is arrested. It's unknown what Weenis's motivations were or what his true name was.

Trivia Edit

  • Weenis's character is based around speaking in various sex-themed puns, using words like "IMPOSSIBOOBS", "fisiting", "testiclemony", and referring to Dick Gumshoe as "dicktectiv dick cumshoe".